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Grossman Horne & Cannizzaro, PCs foremost priority is representation of the local community.  We have served “South County” since 2009. Our office first opened in 2008.   We pride ourselves in being a legal team dedicated to serving Vicksburg and other smaller communities.  We believe you will find us to be approachable, easy to work with and responsive to any of the questions you have regarding your legal problems.

From boundary line disputes to administrative compliance, we strive to provide our clients a worthwhile personal and professional experience. We represent individuals, municipalities, small and large businesses, non-profits. Our lawyers are also  members of the Vicksburg community.  We will give your case the care and attention that it deserves, even if you are an individual looking for legal representation on a personal issue.

The attorneys at Grossman Horne & Cannizzaro, PC are supported by a loyal, competent team, dedicated to helping you through your legal situation.  Our assistants are experienced in customer service and support, working in a collaborative fashion to ensure each client has a productive legal experience with our office. The members of our legal team are also members of the community and they care about the legal issues facing our clients.   These are your trusted contacts to schedule, contact and stay updated with your case or situation to ensure a smooth legal process. With years of experience and a dedication to our clients, our attorneys, and the team behind them, are legal support you can trust. Learn more about our team members here!

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