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Grossman Horne & Cannizzaro, PC provides many different legal services to its clients in Vicksburg and southwest Michigan. Whether you are buying or selling real estate by owner, a farming family or operation in need of legal guidance for agricultural laws or a family member in need of assistance for estate planning/administration, our team has the knowledge and resources to help you through the process. GHC, PC carefully considers your unique situation in view of the current legal landscape. Working with you, GHC, PC will come up with a plan of action so you can make informed decisions regarding your legal issues.

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When you have legal issues arise, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. The lawyers at Grossman Horne & Cannizzaro, PC know that legalities can be intimidating.   Our first goal is to try to make the legal process for understandable and easier to digest.  We want our clients to understand that when they work with us, they aren’t just working with a large law firm with a large amount of overhead. Our legal team gives every client the care and attention that he/she and his/her case deserves so that each client can create an informed plan of action. If you are ever unsure if your case requires legal representation, our team will discuss it with you and provide options to move forward.

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The lawyers at Grossman Horne & Cannizzaro, PC each have specific practice areas inclusive of real estate, estate planning, trust formation, business entity formation and guidance, probate, agricultural law, and more. Each attorney has the education, experience and dedication needed to adequately serve client demand. Our attorneys are also active members of our community; they are familiar with local court practice, laws and ordinances applicable to your case. And, using this familiarity, the team provides down-to-earth, realistic legal advice and solutions. Our attorneys are approachable, easy to work with and pride themselves in providing a responsive and understanding experience.
If you are in Vicksburg or the surrounding SW Michigan area, our team provides useful links to resources that may help you to better understand the laws or inputs involved with your case. Information is key. Our office wants our community members to have legal resources available. And, by looking into these resources, you may find information relevant to available options before meeting with our attorneys.

Brett A. Grossman

Brett A. Grossman

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Andrew C. Horne

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If you are in Vicksburg or the surrounding area, our team provides useful links to resources that may help you to better understand the laws that are involved with your case. Our team at GHC does everything we can to ensure that our local community members always have the legal help available that they need, and we hope that some of the resources we suggest can be an asset. By looking into resources about local laws, you may find information regarding cases like the one you have and learn some of the options available to you even before you meet with us.

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